Anti-Covid-19 Measures

In connection with the holding of the European Wushu Championships in 2022, it is necessary to observe the following measures:

1. The audience and all persons present in the sports hall must observe a distance of at least 1.5 m.

2. The audience must take seats in the sports hall through an empty seat.

3. All persons present in the sports hall must wear protective masks. An exception is allowed only for competitors during the performance of the forms.

4. Up to 5 athletes and 1 coach without masks are allowed in the warm-up hall.

5. Officials, volunteers, participants in ceremonies, observers and judges are obliged to wear protective masks all the time.

6. The Organizing Committee has the obligation to provide disinfectants at the entrances of the sports hall and for each judge.

7. During the movement in the sports hall the attendees are obliged to observe the corridors for movement marked with arrows.